Ideal Chairs For Home Theaters

You have the big screen, the surround sound, the popcorn, the Return of the King DVD- after all your effort and expense in creating the ultimate theater experience in your home, it would be a shame to watch your productions, your television shows, or play your video games from a traditional sofa or chair.

The proper seating is just as crucial to your home theater set up as any other piece of furniture, although you should remember that your chairs should not dominate the space, but blend in with the rest of the décor. There are so many different styles available that it would be impossible to name them all, so in this article we will just outline some of the basic principles to apply when shopping for those perfect home theater seats and some of the top ideas we have come across.

Ideally, your home theater will have a range of available seating. Most people can sit comfortably in the same chair for an entire movie, but when it comes to the marathon sessions some of us play when it comes to gaming positions can be shifted many time in one sitting. Utilize a range when planning the layout for your home theater that will work for all of its applications. Most importantly, your seating arrangement should be comfortable and offer the right amount of support and a good viewing line of your screen. Leather for maximum durability and appeal is the rule of the day, as is maximum padding.

Inevitably, you are going to have company over to enjoy your home theater experience, and this will mean the presence of sofa-like chairs or loveseats that function independently. These seats should be spacious enough to allow for a comfortable sitting, as well as having footrests and tilt back options that can be operated independently.

Don’t leave your kids out when it comes to home theater, some of the best movies to view are made with children in mind. Small seats with your kids favorite characters from movies, television, or books are great for them to sit in while they take in their favorite movie. They also liven up a room and are pretty good for transporting around the house, and they are also available cheap.

For the ultimate in theater experiences, you might want to try purchasing an actual theater chair or even a set. There are some companies who design theater furniture that they also make available to individual home owners. These seats are the same as those you will find in theaters, and offer a genuine and durable addition to your set up.

Finally, there is the option of purchasing seats that allow for permanent recline. These seats usually consist of a rest for the back and head, with the body lying along the ground. These seats are great for gaming, as you are propped up but still fully extended along the ground, in the preferred position of most gamers. Flip around at will, and your chair will stay right with you! These chairs are also perfect for those who like to lie down to watch their movies.