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Sell Homes for More Money

sell home for more money

Hi There!
Today, I’d like to tell you how I am able to Sell Homes for More Money.
How I am able to achieve this is much easier than you’d think. And I’d like to share that with you right now.
Like most well intentioned people. You Don’t Sell Homes Everyday and Not Sure of the steps needed to sell their home fast and for as much money possible, you’ve probably been misled towards solutions that have given you results that are less than par.

Unfortunately, you likely know what I’m talking about from first-hand experience…
• You’ve tried to sell by owner which ended up in lots of stress since you weren’t sure what to say to people
• You’ve tried to get Free Advice from the Internet articles which only resulted in being even more confused about what needed to be done
• You’ve tried to market the home on the Internet which led to lots of calls on the home but everyone wants to come see the home right now and you are at work all day.
• You’ve hired the First Realtor than came up in Google. Sorry Charlie, The Real Estate Office that you chose had the deepest Ad Pockets but all Rookie Agents that have no clue how To Get Top Dollar For Your Home.

Trust me, You are not the only person fooled into thinking these “solutions” would work.

All you want is to be able to Sell Your Home For the Most Money Possible, and instead you were left spinning your wheels.
That’s when I discovered a foolproof formula that I’d like to share with you now.
You’re going to want to write this down.

Alright, ready? Here are the Top 5

  1. Repair everything in your home that a home Inspector will find.
  2. Make your home look as best it can look with home improvements.
  3. Take Professional Pictures
  4. Stage your home with less clutter and strategic furniture arrangements
  5. Market your homes bestselling feature, one that other homes do not have

In the Picture, Need Some Repair Don’t You Think—However this is a Picture of a House on the Market
Not A Way To Get Your Home Sold For Top Dollar. But Agent Doesn’t have the Resources
or Flat Out Doesn’t SEE THE NEED. Or Doesn’t want to Tell the Seller that it needs Repair
Because they are afraid they won’t get the listing. Are you getting this?

needs repair
Now, that’s one of my most guarded formulas that will allow you to Make More Money from Your Home Sale.

But… I don’t want to leave you hanging there.
I’d like to help you streamline this. So you will finally be able to
Make More Money from Your Home Sale, hassle-free.

Introducing Selling Your Home for Top Dollar.
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Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find inside:

• Sellers Achieve Faster Sales For More Money Since I have Been Offering These Services which will drastically improve your result because you the seller can see the Results of Many Tasks that needed to be completed and had no idea who to call to get all of these home repair items completed quickly, efficiently and a low cost..

• been used for the Past 5 years with Success which is amazing for you because it begins with a view of the seller home and a list of items that need to be completed before putting the home on the market for sale.

• the key ingredients to getting you Top Dollar for Your Home which will help you because Other agents Do Not have the Money & The Resources or Experience to provide you with this Level of Service.

• Has Helped Over 500 Home Sellers In the Dallas Metroplex in the last 5 Years which is really good because the $1,000 of Free Pre-Sale Handyman Services is a Service that I can Provide You.
Ask Others & You Will Get a Big “I Don’t Think So”.

• Provided My Sellers with Ceiling Fan Installs, Replacement of Rotted Chimney Boards, Fence, Pressure Washing, Microwave Installations, new faucets replaced in the kitchen and bathrooms, Lawn Maintenance & Dozens of other Projects. which is beneficial to you because these services will provide you with the marketing expertise and resources which includes professional photographs to present your home as the best the market has to offer and that perception to homebuyers equals more money in higher offers and less repair costs requested by the buyers after home inspections. I am receiving for home sellers 99.5 percent of the list price. .

And, of course, that’s not all.
Because I want to make this as simple as possible for you, you’ll also receive some great free bonuses that are going to give you a huge leg up.

• List of Proven Resources which will put you at a huge advantage because it’ll allow you to evaluate if the home needs new Flooring, Paint, Fence, Electrical or Plumbing. This list is long and has been used by many Real Estate Investors & Home Owners to Provide them with the Best, Lowest Priced Home Services.

• For Homes Older than 1990 which will greatly increase your results because you’ll be able to have a Home Inspector to Inspect the Home Free of Charge to the Seller.

• Home Staging, Home Decluttering Advice. Outdoor Flower Bed Improvements which are great because it’ll help you to present your home as the best that is on the market right now to all home buyers looking at homes to purchase, staging homes correctly will make the home appear to be bigger.

Now, I’m not going to lie.
A lot of time and money went into putting this all together.
Why? Because I was not going to put homes on the Market that, Did Not LOOK The Very Best They Could. I wanted to do the Best Job Of Selling Everyone’s Home.

All I ask in return is that when we get your home Sold For More Than you Expected and With Less Trouble than You Expected with Selling Your Home For Top Dollar Services, that you tell everyone your results.

Is That A Deal?   All you need to do is call us now at 214-636-7138.

Before I let you go, please understand that  We Only Have 27 Services Left for this Season. This is because The Handyman would only provide me with 100 Homes in this Quarter of the Year  with $1,000 of Labor to Give to my Clients. There are only 27 More Homes I Can Give This Service To.

And oh… one more thing.
There’s a small chance that you’ve never dealt with me or my company before. So you may not be aware of our amazing support desk and customer care policies. But the Support You will Receive is absolutely the Best in The Business.

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I’m Debbie Warford and I cannot wait for you to take action, and finally achieve the success you deserve. Just call us now at 214-636-7138 to get started.

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How Do I Sell My Home Fast?

Sell Home Fast

There are definitely some tricks that can help you sell your home a little faster. The first thing you have to do is find a good realtor experienced like myself, over 2600 Transactions .

Let the realtor come in and help you determine what you need to do to make the house “more attractive” to buyers so that it sells quicker. They have a professional eye and know what can make or break a sale.

Some typical hints and tips to sell your home faster include

    • De-clutter – a cluttered home is a smaller home. De-cluttering your house will make the home appear bigger and more appealing to the eye. When we say de-clutter we mean removing things like shelves that are literally piled with items on top of items. You’re going to have to pack that stuff anyway once the home sells, so take the time now to dust it off, wrap it and box it up, or simply toss it out. It’s also a great way to fulfill that New Year’s Resolution of “getting more organized.”
    • Clean – take the time to either hire someone to help you if it’s too much to take on at once alone or “hire out” each family member to be in charge of one particular room. Take the time to clean and clean thoroughly. This means bending over and scrubbing the edging along the floor, the windowsills behind those curtains, and even taking those curtains down and giving them a wash.

Make sure you wash the windows (inside and out if weather permits) and clean any mold and mildew that may have crept in through the years in the bathroom. Don’t forget those ceiling fans either. Kitchen ones can really get dingy looking quick. Take the time to remove them and literally wash them in soap and water to degrease them.

Take note of your carpeting and the typical wear spots. If the carpeting is in good condition it’s worth having a professional come in and clean it professionally. Make sure you maintain the fresh clean look also so when you get a phone call that your realtor has someone who wants to see your house you’re always ready.

  • Replace Faucets & Fix Drips – It may be as easy as a new washer in your faucet or you may need to purchase a new faucet to drop in and replace the old one. You will be amazed at how much of a difference a new faucet can make in a kitchen or bathroom. If you’re getting even small drips you’re going to want to fix it as a potential buyer sees those drips as money going down the drain and one more thing to add onto their “to- do” list once they move in.
  • Paint – Everyone knows that a fresh coat of paint makes a room look instantly fresh and clean. If you’re going to be cleaning windows, washing curtains and dusting off ceiling fans why not update the paint? Stick with a neutral color and don’t go too crazy. Remember to paint not only the walls but the ceiling too because if you paint just the walls the ceiling will stick out like a sore thumb.
  • Clean Up the Yard – Take a weekend to clean up your yard. Trim the bushes, make sure your lawn is mowed, edge the sidewalks and driveway, and replace the bark or stone around the edging. Remember curb appeal plays a huge part in luring in the buyer to take a look inside too.

It’s always in your best interest to put your best foot forward when showcasing your home and making it gleam like new will enhance any deal. Your Realtor should be able to guide you as to the particular items you should take care of in your specific home and point out small repairs that could make a difference. They will give you an outsider’s perspective that should help you get your home in tip-top shape and ready for sale!

Credit has always looked like a suckers game to me. I was informed via mail that when I tried to get satellite television setup for my grandfather (because the cable company is robbing him) who was unwilling to give the company his financial information that my credit score wasn’t good enough for a the 20~30$ monthly bill. I was told by the receptionist that this practice has been going on for only a few years, and it was the first time I encountered it. I do not know if it is the fact that I have never been in debt, or that my bank account is not super active, that my credit score is low or non-existent. Seems like discrimination based on credit scores should be illegal; as it presumes that a person is willing to put themselves in debt. Other sites say take out loans just for the hell of it. I don’t think self respecting people would be willing to abide by such nonsense (at any rate. The television could not be setup for trees in the area. The cable company’s monopoly holds sway.)

All you need to do now is to stay the course. As you persist in your dispute process with the credit bureaus you will see your credit report gradually transformed before your eyes. And as you continue to manage your new secured credit cards you will be amazed to see how your credit scores respond. And let?s not forget the wonderful feeling that comes from managing your finances properly and watching your savings account grow. Now you can join the millions of others who have discovered the fact that credit repair really works!

If tough times have left you with no open accounts it?s time to rebuild. Given the current state of the credit markets your credit repair rebuilding efforts will probably need to utilize secure credit cards. Just do it. This will require a smallish investment, but it is worth it. Your credit scores are based on both the positive and the negative. While you work on cleaning up your report you must work on rebuilding your good credit.

Simply put, these companies are lying. There is no way to boost a consumer;s credit score by a significant amount overnight. Improving credit scores takes a long time and a great commitment from consumers and there is no legal way to remove a bankruptcy or foreclosure from consumers; credit reports until they are regularly scheduled to drop off – seven years for foreclosures and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings and seven years for Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings.

You can withdraw money or reload your balance any time and anywhere you desire. There are some service providers of prepaid cards that offer exciting benefits to their devoted cardholders who often use their cards. Really, these amazing prepaid card offers are the best way to increase the level of your credit scores.

Lowering the balances on rotating accounts can aid you to have a much better credit standing. Simply reducing the balances in your open up credit accounts may give quite a increase in your credit scores. The Acceptable Isaac Corporation, FICO process monitors the amount of your accessible credit rating you happen to be making use of in twenty percent increments.

Every time you promptly pay a bill or retire an old debt, you improve your “FICO” score. Every time you fall outside your grace period or miss a payment, you harm your score. Almost every financial transaction has consequences for your credit history, and financial institutions use that history to determine whether or not you have proven yourself worthy of credit. The different agencies compute your credit scores using slightly different formulae. Some lenders use Trans-Union and Equifax services, but the majority prefer the formula Fair Isaac Corporation applies to your financial history—your FICO.

You might encounter ads on late-night TV shows or on your commute home from work form companies promising that they can raise your credit scores overnight. Others claim that they can remove negative judgments from your credit report.

Bear in mind that whatever problems that have something to do with your credit scores, there is always a way out. You only need to ascertain the underlying problem and then go for the best possible resolution.

Get Your Credit Scores by Clicking the Link Its Fast and Easy & Taking Care of Your Credit Can SAve You Thousands!!